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Dampak Negatif Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi

INIRUMAHPINTAR - Setelah membahas tentang Dampak Positif / Manfaat Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi di pembahasan sebelumnya, kali ini redaksi jendela ilmu INIRUMAHPINTAR akan berbagi tugas Bahasa Inggris tentang Dampak Negatif Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi atau Negative Impacts of Development In Information Technology.

Berikut ini adalah contoh karangan ber-Bahasa Inggris berjudul Negative Impacts of Development In Information Technology sebagai bahan acuan menyusun karangan serupa yang baru dan lebih baik.

Negative Impacts of Development In Information Technology

Development in information technology also has negative impacts for human life. The ease of doing something without good control by parents, teachers and family can enable students to use technology for wrong way.

In the field of information and technology, technological development can be used for negative things examples: the use of communications services by terrorist, the use of information and specific sites on the internet by certain parties for a specific purpose, such as uploading video p*rn and vi*lence, and marketing of drugs which can be accessed by all age freely and easily. In addition, technological development also can cause damage to computer because of virus that causes the loss of many important files in computer or the damage of internet modem because of lightning. In some cases, this can cause stress for some people.

sumber ilustrasi : en.wikipedia.org
In the social and cultural, patterns of interaction between people change because almost everyone has had computers in their home. Computer connected to the telephone has opened the opportunity for anyone to get in touch (communicate) with the outside world via the internet. Besides, the availability of Internet Cafes (warnet) have given opportunities to many people who do not have computers and internet channels to communicate with others via the internet, too. Program internet relay chat (IRC), Internet and e-mail has made people prefer to stay home or spend time alone with the computer to chat with friends or foreigners any time. It decreases interest to perform other interactions with neighbors, so that kinship is no longer as good as in the past. Even, technology development also decreases the moral of people, especially teenagers and students. Their life style change and affected by western influence because of internet and mass media for example free sex, going steady, smoking, drugs, etc. It means that many people are rich in material but poor in spirit and religion knowledge.

Then, the technology has also negative roles in education. Technological development for certain people give chance to make criminal acts. Some of them try to make computer virus, to hack the banking system, to create unreal money, card or visa. They do negative acts because of their ability in education but they are low in moral. 

Thus, although the Development of Information Technology has benefits, people who can't use it well instead getting worst and stuck in negative effects.

Semoga contoh karangan berjudul Dampak Negatif Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi di atas bermanfaat untuk Anda.

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